Mr. Cali’s PET MOVING instructions! 

Pets have many needs which become complicated when moving from one place to another. This moving checklist for pets lists all of the hurdles of pet relocation.
Visit the veterinary office. Make sure to pick up your pet’s medical records before leaving your former home. Have your pet vaccinated and stock up on any pet meds needed until you settle into your new home. If your move is difficult for a pet, ask your vet to prescribe sedatives to be given on and around moving day.
Update your pet ID tags. Have new tags created with the pet’s name and your new contact information.
Check licensing laws. Contact the proper authority in your new location for information on pet licensing requirements. Secure a valid
license for your pet.
Temporary residence. Your pet is best kept away from all your moving day activities. They’ll likely get agitated when seeing items being removed from the home. Have pets stay with friends or board them in a kennel for the day.
Transporting your pet. If you are driving a car, make sure to take plenty of breaks to minimize the chance your pet gets carsick. If your pet is temperature or moving sensitive, cover their cage with a blanket and keep them in a temperature regulated environment. If your pet becomes easily stressed, consider giving them sedatives.
Settling into your new home. Once you are somewhat settled into your new home, let your pet roam around and get used to the new space. Since pets will initially be confused about their new surroundings, keep them confined or leashed until you are certain they will not run away from home. Pets that are stressed and confused can be kept confined in a small room with their bed, toys, and other items.
If your pet has a microchip, contact the company and provide your updated contact information.
Flying with your pet. If your move requires flying with your pet, check with your airline to see what requirements they may have for pet travel. Try to choose nonstop flights since pets may become unsettled by air pressure changes and airport handling.
Moving pets internationally. Those moving to another country should check with that country’s embassy or consulate about any quarantine or health issues related to pet moving. If moving a bird, make sure to secure proper documentation required by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.
Moving fish. Your local pet store is the best resource for getting information on relocating fish. Depending upon your move, they will have the knowledge and supplies needed for moving fish.
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