Keeping track of budgets, money spent, and money saved is a terrific way to start out on the road to a healthy financial future. Share these smartphone apps with the young adults in your life to easily track finances.  

   Mint is a terrific way to track the 50/30/20 rule: 50% of income for essentials (e.g. rent, food), 30% for wants (e.g. shopping, eating out), and 20% for savings (e.g. paying down debt, “pay yourself first” emergency fund).

 YNAB, another budgeting app recommended by NerdWallet and free for college students for one year, encourages users to be more intentional with their spending, accounting for every dollar earned. 

NerdWallet also has its own free app that allows users to track spending, debt, and credit score, which follows us throughout adulthood.  
Consulting a financial adviser is another terrific piece of advice for the young adults in your life – it’s never too early to get advice on ways to achieve financial goals.