When kids become teens, they will probably be balancing homework with a more active social life and new hobbies. While school subjects are important, it’s the skill sets teens learn along the way that will serve them throughout life. Skill: Organization. Help by: Making sure your teen has tools to keep work in order, including a file box to store graded papers and notes. Also buy a paper planner so you can both get an overview of all obligations (school and beyond) several weeks out. Skill: Time management. Help by: Using that paper planner to help your teen plan everything in a busy schedule. Don’t save a major assignment until the last minute; use the calendar together to plot out smaller deadlines and goals. Skill: Asking for help. Help by: Encouraging your teen to ask for help when needed. Suggest a check-in with a teacher during office hours or a visit to the school’s tutoring center. Do not to do your teen’s homework, even if it doesn’t get done in time. Dealing with and learning to move forward from failure is a life skill, too!
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