Looking for a new job or career? Ways to negotiate your salary right away, stay confident and sell yourself for best offer:

1. Remember your position: This company believes in you enough to have selected you from a pile of other candidates. Their job offer is a sign that they’re investing in you, so use this as leverage to negotiate the right salary.

2. Do your research: find out what the market pays for your job in your area, with your expertise. An easy way to do this is through a salary calculator, like salary.com or www.indeed.com.

3. Know your worth: make a note of your level of expertise, unique skills, and qualifications that set you apart from the other candidates and show you’ll be an asset to the company.

4. Name your figure: based on the data you’ve researched, and your unique skills set, decide on the ideal salary you’d like to be offered. In deciding that figure, it’s best to have a range in mind, from the lowest salary you’d be willing to accept (and still be happy), and what you’d be really happy with.

5. Sit tight: remember that the hiring manager wants you, and in order to secure your employment they need to make the offer first. You just need to be prepared for the conversation.

6. Look at the big picture: as you know, compensation doesn’t just include salary so be sure to ask what benefits come with the job, like health insurance, stock options, paid leave, etc.

7. Evaluate the cost/benefit: before rushing into a rash decision, be sure to fully evaluate the pros and cons of the new job, compared to your current role. Sites like Fidelity (communications.fidelity.com/pi/calculators/changing-job/) or Bloomberg (www.bloomberg.com/workwise) have job offer calculators to assist you in comparing packages.