Technology has advanced so quickly that there are electronic devices all around us. Kids have access to countless video games, can watch hundreds of channels of TV, lots of videos, and they can even interact with others across the world on social media and other messaging apps. That can be a frightening prospect when your child could be interacting with strangers.

     It can be hard as a parent to set boundaries around screen time and interactions, and your child may get resentful if their access to technology is restricted. Another approach could include setting limits on the apps themselves and working with the family collaboratively on a family media plan. Some ideas include:

  • Create a family media plan that the family can use to make a list of media priorities. Visit and search for “media plan.”
  • Check out Common Sense Media ( for reviews of movies, TV shows, games, podcasts, books, and apps and their appropriate viewing age.
  • TV Ratings and the V-Chip – All TV sets since 1999 allow you to block TV and films based on rating. Check your TV’s instruction manual to see how to do it.