Designated local expert™

This exclusive designation provides the most unique, timeless, and powerful title that will allow you to dominate your City and win local listings.

The exclusive designation as (Mr. | Ms. City name) gives you the most powerful branding in the industry.

Become a local celebrity and stay top of mind with your community as the exclusive local expert at marketing and selling your City’s lifestyle.

World’s most exclusive private designation network.


The exclusive designation as your (Mr. or Ms. city name) not only brands you as the only true local area expert, it gives you access to a variety of marketing products to help you get more listings. This private designation gives our members a niche brand that will allow them to dominate their farm/ city no other local listing agent will have. There is only one Mr. or Ms. selected per city throughout the United States. We only select agents to interview who have consistent track records in helping homeowners in their city prepare, market, and negotiate for the most favorable terms and have unique abilities to to get offers accepted for buyers for the most favorable terms. We only select one agent per city and brand you as the true local area expert and show you how to generate and win listings. We also connect you to our whole sale print factories specifically focused on low cost 8 & 16 page-magazines and notepads to EDDM mass mail, it’s a numbers game and consistency with a name home owners will remember and trust. As an Agent if you are selected as a member we show you how to generate listing leads in your city and close sellers with our proven system. .We also provide a pre listing package that will not only differentiate you from the competition on the listing appointment but drastically increase your ability to win the listing for the highest commission split. Home owners list homes with local listing agents name they can remember, portrays local area expert, they like, know and trust our network covers all 5.

Let’s talk some facts about competition and your ability to stand-out as a local expert. The agent people should hire to buy and sell their homes and investment properties. You are a Real Estate Agent in The United States. The country has the has the highest number of licensed Agents and highest priced homes in the world. This is a simple fact of the current situation you are in. Chasing buyers and making offers on homes that have a low probability of getting accepted is an extremely stressful job. The market is extremely competitive and relentless. From a competition standpoint, there are literally thousands of licensed agents in every city throughout the United States. This includes the place you currently rely on to be the “go to” local real estate professional.

The only real estate brand or designation a homeowner cares about is the one that will accomplish 3 things: 

#1 they will list their home with a realtor they like, know, and trust.

 #2 they will list their home with the agent that leaves the perception on the listing appointment that they can sell their home for the most money with the most favorable terms. 

#3 they will list their home with an agent’s brand name they can remember, sounds familiar, or implies “local expert.” Solution = exclusive branding as the local area expert for your city. Do I have your attention? Click on the link to get more information. See if your city designation is available

Are you going on a listing appointment and interviewing with Sellers who are also talking to multiple other local listing agents? How can you win the listing while competing against the potentially better or more well-known agents in your area? How do you set yourself apart and have a memorable brand that your potential clients will remember and trust, long after you have left their home? A brand that provides value.

Your meeting with the Sellers at the listing appointment may potentially be a waste of time if you don’t set yourself a part from the other Realtors and local experts. The value you bring to the transaction may get lost in all those interviews. A competing Realtor may a have his/her signs up around town. Maybe on your potential listing’s street. Maybe EVEN next door. Getting the listing maybe a huge challenge to say the least in these situations. This could result and an lost opportunity for you and your clients. Those Sellers may end-up listing with someone that’s inferior to you.

Someone that may not take the time and focus that you would put into your clients, and in the end they miss-out on the value you have to offer them. Not to mention, no commission. The implications are far reaching and frustrating to say the least.

Solution= We offer a confidential listing package that will blow away your local competitors. We will set you apart from your competition and make your business so niche that any home owner will list with you. We repackage and help you influence your brokers brand, leverage your name, and combine it with our exclusive private designation platform. In short, our brand will set you apart and leave a lasting impression resulting in higher profits for you and a happy Seller that will thank you for getting them to most value and price per square-foot for placing their trust in you. This is a much better outcome. Wouldn’t you agree?

Solution = Our local private designation and listing package leaves the home owners with your brand top of mind. This exclusive endorsement will show them that you are not only the best candidate, but have access to exclusive buyers and are truly an expert at marketing and Seling the lifestyle involved with their home and the city it is located in. You can help them prepare, market their home, and negotiate for the most favorable terms. The agents in our Network experience huge success rates of winning over clients and securing the listing appointment. Is your city or territory available?

As a Realtor, we all know there is nothing more important than the listing appointment. As the listing agent you’re in the driver seat.

Listen…I’m pretty sure you would agree that you are a responsible and trust worthy individual. Someone who has been in the Real Estate business for years and has sold hundreds of homes in the area. Well guess what? So are several other of your local competitors who might even work for the same brokerage as you and are just as qualified as you. Frankly speaking, how can you truly set yourself apart on each and every listing appointment? How can you make your listing presentation consistent and effortless, while exuding confidence at the same time. Whomever the home owner perceives as the most qualified candidate is likely going to be the Realtor who they will select to list their home.

Home owners list their homes with a local agent who not only specializes in the city they are listing the home in, but also in the similar price range. In short, they will lean towards a Realtor that they see as the local expert who is an expert at marketing and selling the lifestyle for their city.

Let’s be honest, every agent in your office is your competition. As long as you take great pictures and price the home right, you know the home will sell. Especially now that the MLS syndicates your listing world wide, to every Real Estate website including Zillow/ Trulia,, etc.. We know in competitive markets, when homes are priced right you will not only get multiple offers, but more than likely you will have home buyers come directly to you as the listing agent in the hopes they will be the lucky ones to get their offer accepted.

Most buyers have lost out on so many other homes because the market is so competitive. Many buyers have been “beaten up” by the market. Wouldn’t you agree?
Solution = What makes a Mr. Cali approved local agent special, memorable and more trust worthy? The answer couldn’t be easier…There’s only 2 assigned to each city. There’s only one “Mr.” and there’s only 1 “Ms.” These approved agents will become local powerhouse Realtors and dominate their city.

With the proven Mr. Cali hard print mail platform, combined with tech, they will rapidly gain listing market share and local celebrity status.

Is your city or territory available?

The Mr. Cali Network only selects two agents per City or unincorporated area in the United States. There’s only one “Mr.” and there’s only 1 “Ms.” We are the only exclusive designation platform in the the United States that shows you how to generate listing leads that are exclusive to you, the Mr. Cali local agent city Designation.

Our Members hold powerful hard print mail platforms that are specifically designed to generate listing leads and also help them close when they go out on the listing appointment. We focus on a powerful combination of hard print mail and tech.

Look, nothing beats knowledge and great customer service. Those qualities are top priority for being a great Real Estate Agent or Broker. Beyond that, the industry has changed drastically. For example, How often are you on your phone? For that matter, take a look around. How often do you notice other people on their phones or computers? It’s time to get caught up with the times. There is only one Mr. or Ms. for your city, the true local area expert at marketing your cities lifestyle.

Anyone can easily get a Real Estate license. In a competitive field like Real Estate, any advantage an agent has over their competition is a valuable thing. Wouldn’t you agree? Real estate designations help separate you from the rest of the field and they help demonstrate that you’re an expert, while at the same time setting you up with a professional network of other designees for referrals and support.

Remember, people list and buy real estate from local real estate experts they know and trust. Real Estate designations are additional opportunities for Realtors to specialize in a niche and be recognized throughout the industry, among their peers, and with their clients as a reputable and trustworthy individual. Designations are very valuable, but you have to leverage your endorsement once you receive it.

Solution= Mr. Cali is The United States most exclusive and powerful designation network. We only select two agents per City. There’s only one “Mr.” and there’s only 1 “Ms.” Because this single designation lands you as a local area expert, it provides value and sets you up to financially maximize your time and efforts while giving the homeowner a competent, experienced and polished real estate professional.

About Mr. Cali

Mr. Cali is the premier independent authority in training and designation for real estate agents working in the residential real estate market. The Mr. Cali Local Agent City Designation™ is recognized around the globe as the exclusive platinum standard in local listing agent designations.

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