Why consistently mass mail EDDM 8 page Magazines with your designation to your city farm?

Realtors ® from around the country report that full-color custom promotional local Magazines are their most effective listing marketing tool. Why? Because unlike social media posts that might be seen momentarily before being toppled by the next incoming feed, Magazines are kept and have a unique long lasting “shelf life”.This combined with your Mr. Cali local Agent city designation ™ will be seen one time by a home owner and they will never forget you. Because unlike postcards, door hangers and brochures, which just get thrown in the trash, magazines are kept and used!

The marketing we provide on the magazines is designed to get a direct response from home owners thinking of selling. We have created a powerful combination of tech with smart sms code direct response with hard print mail products home owners love. A home owner thinking of selling their home either wants their instant home value or one of the free consumer reports we provide. We provide all of the content for the magazines and When a home owner goes to the landing page we provide to you, you will get the name, address and email address of a home owner thinking of selling. we open the door for you to set a listing appointment and this is done through follow up with our home buyer/ seller guide and newsletters we provide. Remember, the money is in the follow up!

The high quality of our full-color custom promotional Magazines says a lot about you and your image. This provides consistent top of mind awareness with your sphere of influence and farm you are prospecting. They reflect the superior quality of your expertise and service. With 8 page magazine giving all the recent home sales and content that provides value with your name, picture and designation; which will be seen again and again keeping you top of mind with homeowners in your area.

Magazines can be mailed to listing leads and last clients, handed out at open houses, used to door knock and so much more; Order today and let us create your own full-color custom promotional Magazines that are sure to set you apart from your competition and allow you to become the dominate local lsiting agent.

Step 1

As a member we are going to mail you sample products of a listing package, home buyer seller guide and magazine.
Please email us your mailing address so we can send this to you direct.

Step 2

Secure websites on godaddy and see if Mr(city name).com or .org is available Homevalue(cityname) .com or .org is available

Step 3

create your logo with your designer or one on fiverr.com and download the app. From there choose a designer there or use the designers at the in-house print factory. Layton printing = +1 (909) 596-3177  Or:  www.fiverr.com

Step 4

Order your flex fit polos from (https://www.queensboro.com/) – lots of other promotional products but every member loves having their Mr. Or Ms. flex fit polo or flex fit t shirts to wear when your out and about or even at the gym to start conversations.

Step 5

Secure your landing page if ( you don’t already have one) Super important for all hard print mail campaigns your (CTA) call to action leads to a landing page. Since your a member of the California association of realtors, you can get a free landing page that sends an “instant CMA” competitive market analysis then they email you the listing lead etc.. see link below and set up your account. Copy exactly what I did with the magazines you received In Your package. Click link below!

Step 6

Mr. Cali is partnered with Layton Printing: they have been in print and mail for 35 years and run a highly efficient operation. For any print/ design and mail for you estimates call: for listing packages/ home buyer and seller guide and 8 page magazines estimates. +1 (909) 596-3177. Ask for david or John.
Tell them your with the Mr.Cali network for the exclusive discounts for magazines, notepads, pre lsiting packages, home buyer and seller guides along with design/ print and mail services.

Step 7

Design your pre lsiting package/ magazines with Layton printing or jaden designs on fiverr platform see link below. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fiverr-freelance-services/id346080608Remember we provide all the content for the magazines/ listing package and home buyer seller guides. New content is provided monthly.

Step 8

The smart sms marketing platform we are affiliated with is called (textedly). This platform is used to leverage your listings to make buyers text the a short code if they want 3D your/ pics and you can develop your own exclusive buyer pool.

Step 9

Start your Google My business profile for the city that you have been approved for.

Step 10

Get your (Mr. or Ms. city logo) car Magnet or wrapped

Marketing we provide

SMS for Real Estate combined with hard print Marketing Statistics

You can launch mass messaging campaigns straight through the Mr.cali network

About Mr. Cali

Mr. Cali is the premier independent authority in training and designation for real estate agents working in the residential real estate market. The Mr. Cali Local Agent City Designation™ is recognized around the globe as the exclusive platinum standard in local listing agent designations.

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