We all know what it likely
means if we smell smoke at
home, and most people know
that the scent of rotten eggs
can mean a dangerous gas
leak. But there are several
other unpleasant odors that
can be clues that something is
amiss in your house.
Wet Dog: If you’ve got a dog,
you already deal with the
occasional stinky pup. When
you smell “wet dog” odor and
you don’t have a dog (or your
pooch has just had a bath), it
could be that rodents or other
animals have moved in. Start
checking attics, basement, and
Ammonia: A scent of ammonia
(sometimes also described as
a “cat pee” smell) is a sign you
may have a mold or mildew
issue, though it can also mean
there’s a dead rodent in the
walls. Follow the smell and
try to pinpoint it before you
start cutting holes in the wall
to remove the problem. Mold
requires expert intervention.
Fishy: When you smell fish
and you haven’t been cooking
fish, it could mean that there’s
some overheated electrical
wiring in an appliance, light, or
switch. Contact an electrician
to fix this before it turns into
an even bigger fire hazard.