Financial literacy may feel like an unreachable goal if you’re not an accountant, but it’s easier than ever to enhance your own financial knowledge and money management skills—regardless of what stage of life you’re in.

     Here are five ways you can build your personal finance know-how:

  • Browse the personal finance books section of your local library or bookstore. Check out Business Insider’s picks ( for the best personal finance books of 2023.
  • Plug into a financial podcast. There are many to choose from, geared toward people at different financial life stages. This US News list ( of finance podcasts breaks their picks down so you can find the one for you.
  • Take a financial literacy class. Some employers offer free seminars on personal finance (and other topics) for employees, and community colleges often have similar non-credit courses available. There are even online classes you can take—some of which are free, like the finance section of Khan Academy (
  • Check out the federal government’s online educational tools. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website ( has guides on financial goals, like paying for college and saving for retirement. And on the Financial Literacy and Education Commission’s site (, you’ll find financial planning information for major life events (like the birth of a child) as well as tools such as budgeting worksheets.
  • Hire a professional financial advisor. Even if you don’t want to outsource this part of your money management permanently, hiring a financial coach to get started can give you the tools you need to confidently manage your own finances in the long run. Their advice is tailored specifically to your financial situation and goals, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way.

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